Bring it on, God!

                A thought came to me this morning. You know how, as parents, we occasionally challenge our children individually to do something, even though we already know the outcome – because we already know our child and his/her tendencies. We do it because we want to bring out the …

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Take Me Fishing

                Take me fishing With you sometime And you might be Surprised to find How much I’m growing How much I can do And how much I love Spending time with you. It might take a while For me to catch on But the memories we’ll make will …

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A Little Girl

              When a mother receives the blessing of a little girl, everything begins to change inside her little world. From the moment she is born there are things a little girl knows, like how to gain attention and keep everyone on their toes. When she bats her puppy dog …

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Right At Home

After reading this book you should have a better understanding of what to expect in each type of setting and it will hopefully encourage you to speak up for your child’s safety and well-being. Take back your power as a parent and make a decision based on facts rather than fear or lack of information.

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What inspires me to write!

I have been inspired by many things and many people in my writing. Being a family child care provider for more than a decade has given me an abundance of inspiration for my children’s books as well as my parenting guides. Often, my poetry is inspired by personal emotions or reactions to personal life experiences, but sometimes …

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