You might be an author if…

You’ve ever rewritten a line several times just so you didn’t have to decide if the period goes inside or outside of the quotation marks.      

You might be an author if…

You procrastinate tackling your ‘TBW’ (to be written) list by indulging in your ‘TBR’ (to be read) list!      

Saving Avery

 Behind closed doors…lies the truth! Saving Avery: A Romantic Suspense Novel Saving Avery is a harrowing, behind-the-scenes look at an abusive marriage. The characters are portrayed with such conviction and authenticity, readers will sympathize with … Continue reading Saving Avery

You might be an author if…

You constantly have to clear your computer memory of images you use on your blog … to make room for more images to use on your blog!


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