Inside Heaven

Inside Heaven

©Traci Sanders 2016


I stepped through your ivory gates today.

You met with my eyes and walked my way.

Your arms wrapped me in a warm embrace

as you welcomed me to your special place.

You led me down some streets of gold

I watched my family tree unfold.

Grandparents who I’d never known,

my loved ones you’d already called home.

I searched their eyes

for a sign of connection.

They knew me not;

there was no recollection.

But they knew no sadness,

no pain, I could tell.

Cloaked in content

and peace, worn well.

I had waited so long

to again reunite

with those I had lost

to your heavenly light.

Now that I’m here

they know not my face,

our memories, stories

have all been erased.

And yet, I’m not sad.

Nor do they seem to be.

Happiness and peace,

is all that I see.

I wonder if I

will remember the same

hearts that I loved,

though they don’t know my name.

It matters not,

for I feel no pain.

No sadness will ever

plague me again.

A transformation

is taking place

inside my soul.

I’m surrounded by grace.

You take my hand,

and I feel a sensation.

I’ve reached my final





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  • Teresa

    Oh my Traci that is so moving. You have a gift that is absolutely divine given by God. So many hearts you have touched with your poems and books. Keep using this gift and it will continue to increase more and more. I love you so much and you are my blessing.

  • Karen Ingalls

    How beautiful and so touching. I went to a friend’s funeral today…only 55 years old…died from ovarian cancer. She would have loved your poem. She is now an angel in heaven.
    Thank you for sharing your poem.

    • Traci Sanders

      I’m so sorry for your loss, Karen. I’m glad you enjoyed my poem, but I hate that it had to resonate so strongly with your current situation. God bless.

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