The Soundtracks to Our Stories

I thought I would try something a little fun and different for today’s blog post. This will pertain to all my fellow authors out there. Think carefully and decide, if you could choose one soundtrack for each of your titles, what would it be? Book trailers are becoming a huge marketing tool for authors, and as a teacher of little ones, I have learned over the years that everyone learns and remembers concepts much better when they are set to music. So let’s hear it! What song do you imagine playing in the background when people see your book cover?


Here are my choices for my titles:

Bad Day (Daniel Powter)

What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Let Them Be Little (Billy Dean)

Whitney Houston: The Greatest Love of All (I Believe the Children are our Future)


I’m a Survivor (Destiny’s Child)


**Feel free to post images/links to your books along with the song titles, if the site allows you to:)


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Traci Sanders has been composing poetry, songs, and children’s stories since the young age of ten. In 2003, she opened her home to young children in her community offering “beyond the basics” teachings. In 2008, she was recognized by the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency as Family Childcare Provider of the Year and was featured in two local newspapers.

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    • That’s an interesting choice for yours, Kathryn 🙂 I would have chosen something like All By Myself by Celine Dion, only because that’s how I imagined you felt while going through your medical ordeals; and that’s the heart-wrenching vibe I got while reading your book.

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