A Little Girl








When a mother receives the blessing

of a little girl,

everything begins to change

inside her little world.

From the moment she is born

there are things a little girl knows,

like how to gain attention

and keep everyone on their toes.

When she bats her puppy dog eyes

or gives a piercing shriek,

she lets you know what she wants

long before she can even speak.

She’ll test your will to see if you care

enough to keep her safe,

to teach her right from wrong

and put her in her place.

Her passion for life runs deep

and keeps her brave and strong,

but your love keeps her grounded

and lets her know where she belongs.

At times she’ll say she hates you

and tell you that you’re mean,

but that’s because she feels safe enough

to tell you anything.

Along the way, there are lots of fights

because she’s so much like you.

And you never thought you were that bad a kid

so you may not know what to do.

Just remember she’s still learning

by watching every move you make.

Teach her that no one is perfect

and everyone makes mistakes.

But it’s what you learn
from those mistakes,

that determines who you are inside.

At times you have to admit you’re wrong

and swallow your foolish pride.

It’s a long and exciting journey

raising a little girl.

You do everything to keep her safe

in this suddenly- scary world.

In the end what really matters

is that you always try your best

to teach her that she’s special

and should never settle for less!


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