Heaven’s Shore

Heaven’s Shore 

Written by: Jennifer McDaniel © 2008 ~

This poem was written by my sister in memory of our niece, Tristan Leanna McDaniel, who passed away in 2008. 

To the dearest ones I love
So many days have passed
My time on earth was cut so short
A lifetime gone so fast

So many miles between us now
It seems so far away
So many questions left to ask
So many things to say

They say that when you lose someone
It’s best to let them go
They never said we couldn’t speak
In ways they may not know

I can hear you to talk to me
Even though I am not there
Just promise me you’ll always know
I am with you everywhere

So say the things you meant to say
But didn’t have the time
Say the way you felt that day
Even though it makes you cry

I’ll be sitting here beside you
To help you make it through
I’ll help you with your answers
I’ll even cry with you

Try your best to notice me
In all the things around
Like I said, I’m here with you
Waiting to be found

Just remember how you prayed for me
As you sat beside my bed
For me to be safe and well again
I heard all the things you said

I tried my best to tell you then
That I would be okay
I just couldn’t say the words out loud
So I had to find a way

So as the Angels paint the sky each day
What portrait will you see
Could you see me in the clouds
And would you know it’s me

Listen as the winds blow
Softly through the trees
As gentle as a whisper
Floating through the breeze

I am right there watching you
Throughout the day and night
Telling you that I’m okay here
In this brand new life

Always know I miss you
Even though I visit everyday
I know I’ll see you here someday
But for now I’ll have to wait

So as the sun sets slowly
And the moon begins to rise
Call my name beneath the stars
I’ll answer every time

And as the sun shines down on you
Or rain clouds start to pour
Watch me play above the skies
Here on Heaven’s shore

Poem: The Good Seat – Tristan’s Poem

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