Are you prepared for an emergency?

Hey, guys! I’m going to veer a bit off the beaten path today and share something personal with you all.

My husband was taken to the ER on Monday morning this week, and if you’d asked me this time last week what I’d be doing today, never in a million years would I have expected to utter the words hospital, Cat Scan, etc. I thought I was taking him to the doctor to see about a stomach virus! Three days later, we’re still here, but hopefully going home today.

But I’ve had a lot of time to think over the past few days and wanted to share what I’ve learned. First, I am making it a priority to prepare an emergency bag to start keeping my car again. (I did this when my kids were little, but I stopped after a while.) My boys are older now and thankfully they were able to stay home and take care of our daughter, who’s 12, so we didn’t have to make arrangements for a sitter or anything like that. But, I haven’t left my husband’s side since Monday, so I needed a few things from home while I’ve been here. Finally, my boys were able to bring me a change of clothes and a few basic items.


The craziest thing is when I first arrived at the hospital on Monday, I was wearing flip flops. Let it be known that I detest flip flops and rarely ever wear them but, for some reason, I decided to throw on my flip flops before walking out of the house that day. I thought I was just going around the corner to the doctor’s office! Long story short, we ended up at the ER about thirty minutes later. It was pouring rain and I had to keep running back and forth to the car, in the rain, to charge my phone and get some items we needed. I nearly busted my butt on the concrete twice because of those darn flip flops!

Fast forward 48 hours and we finally decided to let our kids come see their dad – he looked too miserable before then, with tubes in him and everything, and he didn’t want them to see him like that. The whole time, all I wanted from home was my tennis shoes for some reason. Finally, I realized why. It wasn’t just because I hate flip flops. See, I’ve survived 3 house fires where I ended up on the street in the middle of the night… with NO shoes on my feet. So, I think because of that, I typically wear my tennis shoes from the moment I get up in the morning until I go to bed each night. I never want to be without shoes. My shoes make me feel ready, safe, and capable. I’m ready to run or escape in a hurry if I need to. In flip flops or sandals, my feet feel so exposed and vulnerable. Like I said, I’ve had a lot of time to think this week, and the longer I’ve been here, I’ve felt less and less in control of things in my life. It’s not a good feeling! Therefore, I want to ask you a question…

Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have the right shoes – protection? Do you have the right tools – strategies? What’s your Plan B – backup plan? I didn’t even have a toothbrush or decent shoes to walk the hospital floors in, and I felt unprotected and disempowered.

This can be applied to your personal or professional life. You will always feel more capable and empowered when you have options.

With that said, here are a few items I would suggest you always have at the ready (packed in the car) in case of an emergency, because you never know where you’ll end up or for how long you will be staying there:

*comfortable clothes and shoes – that you can run in if need be (smile)

*a toothbrush, hairbrush (and ponytail holders!), and toothpaste

*a cell phone and WALL charger, not just the car charger or USB charger cord

*a good book

*Cash, just in case – for food or vending machine items

*any medicines/vitamins you take on a daily basis – I can’t even tell you how much I missed my Peak Performance vitamins while I was here. The moment I really needed them to stay focused and energized, I was without them.

*a sweater or blanket – it gets cold in a hospital room, even during the summer

*your glasses, if you wear them – thankfully, I did remember mine

Those are just a few items I will be keeping at the ready from now on. I never want to feel unprepared again. Of course, there are only so many things you can plan for in life, but why not be as ready and protected as possible?

As you can imagine, there will not be a video blog tomorrow, as I may be sleeping most of the day and taking care of a recovering patient. (there is no rest for the weary in a hospital) But I will be back next week with more tips for you guys on building your brand. Until then, stay safe… and be ready for anything!



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