“Poop Camp”

Okay, there are hundreds of books on potty training available on Amazon and you feel as though you have read them all. So why should you spend your valuable time and money on one more? Here are a few reasons:
*Most potty training guides on the market are either written by a child psychologist, a stay-home parent, or a pediatrician who has physically had a hand in potty training their own children and maybe a couple more at best.

This book is written by a seasoned family child care professional who has successfully potty trained MORE THAN FIFTY children in her career, encountering practically every scenario that can arise during the process – training boys, girls, and even twins; training older and resistant children, and even dealing with issues such as a child with-holding urine or BM.

*The author has excellent parental testimonials to back up her stated results and offers a direct email address to allow readers to contact her with specific questions or concerns about the process.

*The author offers one particular potty training secret that will most likely not be found in any other potty training manual on the market. This one simple trick makes the process less messy and produces rapid results.


Potty training really can feel like boot camp, but if you follow the steps laid out in this book, you will begin to see results almost immediately. Some of these answers can be found practically anywhere you search on the internet, but why waste all that time and energy when you have a proven method to follow here in this short, easy-to-read guide?

“Here’s wishing you much success and many less diapers!”




Just Like Home: Adventures In Family Child Care

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