Before You Publish: Tips on grammar, writing, and editing.

This guide offers tips on everything from basic grammar to suggestions for creating smooth dialogue.

Here are a few examples:

*Tip #9 – Affect vs. Effect

*Tip #49 – Elicit vs. Illicit

*Tip #110 – Caring less – (Could you, or couldn’t you?)

*Tip #123 – Too many commas for “too”

*Tip #125 – Conjunctions don’t always need commas

*Tip #132 – Connecting the dots (using ellipses in writing)

*Tip #142 – Awkward numbers in fiction

*Tip #163 – Writing backstories

*Tip #179 – Creating flawed characters

*Tip #188 – Writing for readers (keep your readers glued to the pages)

All these and many more can be found in this one handy guide.


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