Bring it on, God!









A thought came to me this morning. You know how, as parents, we occasionally challenge our children individually to do something, even though we already know the outcome – because we already know our child and his/her tendencies. We do it because we want to bring out the greatness in them. Not because we want to make them feel weak, defeated, or frustrated. The same is true with God. We are His children and when he sends adversities our way, and yes, He does … it’s not to punish us or make us feel like failures … it’s to challenge us and bring out our greatness. He wants to see us rise to the challenge.

Without adversities, how else would the Albert Einsteins, Benjamin Franklins, and many more incredible humans have become known for the amazing discoveries they made? How different would our lives have been without them?

So I will embrace the challenges God has in store for me, because that means He sees greatness in me that I or others may not even see! Thank you God! Amen.


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