Casey of Cranberry Cove

5.0 out of 5 stars Adorable summer teen romance

Casey of Cranberry Cove

This story took me back a couple of decades ago to the summer before I entered high school. A time when hanging out with my friends, walking around with my head in the clouds–head over heels in love with an older boy, and dreaming of the day I’d meet my prince charming and getting that first kiss was all I was concerned with. I think most girls can relate to that feeling.

Told from the view point of Casey, the main character, this story centers around a typical teenage girl whose entire world revolves around what ‘she’ wants and thinks and feels about everything. She experiences her first crush, her first real kiss, and her first heartbreak all in the span of a couple of weeks of summer. The author takes us inside Casey’s world so vividly that we clap when she triumphs, roll our eyes when she does something stupid like a typical teenager, and want to cry when she experiences the heartaches of life.

This book is an excellent young love story for teens or even adults who want to experience a nostalgic moment in time. I look forward to reading more about Casey’s adventures in high school as she starts coming into her own.



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