Little Sponges

  Whether you are a stay-home parent striving to prepare your child for preschool, or an early childhood professional who needs a boost in creativity; you will find a multitude of ideas and resources in … Continue reading Little Sponges

Right At Home

After reading this book you should have a better understanding of what to expect in each type of setting and it will hopefully encourage you to speak up for your child’s safety and well-being. Take back your power as a parent and make a decision based on facts rather than fear or lack of information.

“Poop Camp”

Before we jump in, let me inform you of some basic things you will need during this process. First you will need a positive attitude. There is no “trying” to potty train your child. There is only doing or not doing it. But you have to decide one way or another or you are in for some very difficult moments in the future, even into the school ages.

Just Like Home

Whether she is baking cupcakes with her child care provider, Ms. Christy, or playing in the dirt with her best friend; three year old Abby is always having fun and learning something new at her … Continue reading Just Like Home


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