Been There, Noted That

 A fascinating collection of stories Been There, Noted That: Essays In Tribute To Life: Observations, Inspiration, Remembrance, & Noteworthies To Share This book is a beautiful and inspiring tribute to life. The author shares a collection of moving, though-provoking personal anecdotes, each with a significant theme that will make one take stock of what’s really …

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Saving Avery

 Behind closed doors…lies the truth! Saving Avery: A Romantic Suspense Novel Saving Avery is a harrowing, behind-the-scenes look at an abusive marriage. The characters are portrayed with such conviction and authenticity, readers will sympathize with the victims as if they know them personally. Being a woman–one who has fortunately never been affected by abuse–many of …

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Only A Kiss

 A sweet story about young love Only A Kiss I think it’s safe to say that everyone remembers their first kiss–whether it was awkward, amazing, or even gross. This story took that nostalgic experience a step further by describing all the surrounding events taking place in the lives of a typical young boy and girl …

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