Dangled Carat

So good you will forget you aren’t reading fiction! Dangled Carat As an avid romance reader, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through a multitude of characters as their hearts were ripped from their chests because of a lost love or simply when they endured a tumultuous moment in their relationships – yeah, I’m a glutton …

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Ember Skies

Powerful story of hope and perseverance Ember Skies ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest thoughts. Titles and cover art strongly influence my choices of books. I enjoy the element of uniqueness in both aspects, and this book definitely incorporated that. The title intrigued me and I hoped to have …

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The Team

“Just another day at the office.” The Team: Book One  As far as engaging military thriller story lines go, this one ranks fairly high on the scale for me. Its tone and theme is reminiscent of popular films such as Black Hawk Down and Behind Enemy Lines. The plot was well laid-out with several satisfying …

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Just Try

 The ultimate escape love story! Just Try I read for many reasons–to learn something, to feel something, and often to escape. This story was the ultimate escape for me, while simultaneously tearing at my heartstrings. It pulled me in from the very first page, and that doesn’t happen often for me. I felt as if …

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