Dangled Carat

5.0 out of 5 starsSo good you will forget you aren’t reading fiction!

Dangled Carat

As an avid romance reader, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through a multitude of characters as their hearts were ripped from their chests because of a lost love or simply when they endured a tumultuous moment in their relationships – yeah, I’m a glutton for emotional punishment like that. I never felt guilty for doing this because, as talented as the author may have been, I always knew the characters weren’t real. This book was a totally different experience.

Because I knew from the beginning that this was the author’s true-life story, I felt almost like an intruder in her relationship with Marc, but I just HAD to know how it would all end, so I kept turning pages. Every love scene (none of which were too graphic by the way) made me feel like a dirty little spectator, but it was riveting to watch each moment in their lives unfold.

This author was able to take me through her painful relationship as she battled with an issue that many women have dealt with in their lives … the pivotal moment in a relationship where they have to decide – “Should I stay and wait it out or just get on with my life? He’s never going to commit.”

I won’t offer any spoilers but I will say, I was thoroughly impressed with how this author set the story up in a way that kept us in her pocket to experience all the milestone moments in her relationship that ultimately led to the surprise ending. Many times I wanted to slap both main characters to help them see what was right in front of them, just as I do with fictional ones, but I decided to keep reading and see if either of them came to their senses on their own.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance story – fiction or non-fiction. It’s very well-written and will keep you glued to the pages to see what happens next. You will constantly think you know, but trust me, you’ll be wrong!




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  • Joan Woods

    Hilary Grossman is a new author for me. Would love to read her book.

  • Dianna SloweyThomas

    Wow . A true life romance. I’ve read historical true life but never contemporary. It sounds interesting.

  • Bette A. Stevens

    Sounds like another great read!

  • Hilary

    Thank you so much Traci for reading and reviewing Dangled Carat! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

    • Traci Sanders

      My pleasure, Hilary. So glad to have connected with you and this story 🙂

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