Do you know an ‘Amber’?


Amber Woods is the primary female character in my debut novella, ‘When Darkness Breaks’. She’s not the typical damsel-in-distress often found in romance novels, but she’s not a hard-nosed shrew either. Though it wouldn’t seem so on the surface, Amber adores being a mother to her two children, Annie and Max, but also wants to teach them that they can achieve anything they can dream.

An only child to her single mom–Jill–Amber is a self-made, career-driven woman. She started at the bottom of the corporate totem pole as assistant to the producer of a local news station, and worked her way up to lead anchor in a very short time. Her auburn hair parallels her burning passion for life, and her smile can light up a room. Unfortunately, a bit of that light is extinguished when darkness befalls her family.

Amber is married to Drake, a well-known, talented architect. He was once the perfect man for her–and the only one she had ever truly loved. Drake adored Amber from the moment he first laid eyes on her and was perfectly content handling the house and kids while Amber chased her dreams … until he got the opportunity of a lifetime–the chance to accomplish one of his life-long dreams.

When a tragic accident occurs and tests her marriage, realizing what really matters, Amber abandons her career and becomes completely devoted to her family … right when Drake starts pulling away.
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Do you know an Amber? Are you an Amber? Many women strive to be the dominant forces in their marriages, determined to prove they can do anything men can do. They are so focused on “proving themselves” and maintaining control of something, they lose sight of what is really important in a relationship–respect. I am an independent woman, but I have no problem allowing my husband to be the head of our family. We discuss matters and come up with a solution together; but, if he happens to make a decision without me, I have no problem supporting him, because I know he will always do what is best for our family.

That’s the kind of woman Amber is as well. She’s strong-minded, intelligent, and independent. But, she’s also grounded, respectful, and faithful to her husband and her role in their marriage. 

Not every heroine has to be an ass-kicking she-devil to prove her strength and womanpower. Find out what I mean in… 

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  • Beth Hale

    I know some Ambers. I’m a kind of Amber myself. I like how family oriented she was, how she was determined to hold everything together. It takes a strong woman to hold on through the dark times, especially if her husband is pulling away. I enjoyed the way you worked everything together in When Darkness Breaks. By the end of the book, I was wondering if I could have been as strong as Amber.

  • Traci Sanders

    Thanks, Beth. I knew, when writing WDB, that I would probably upset some readers by portraying Amber the way I did; but, I also wanted to stay true to who she was in my head. Besides, you can’t please all the people all the time, right? 🙂

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