I’ve decided to offer video interviews with authors once or twice a month here, to ask them the burning questions we all want answers to! I have titled this segment A Word With Authors! These videos will be added to my A Word With Traci channel on YouTube and will be promoted in the Readers Review Room(for those who are listed authors), and on my other social media platforms to help promote these authors. 

I’ll be watching the Indie community to see who is most supportive of his or her fellow author, as my ultimate goal as an author is to strengthen the industry, to showcase the amazing talent that flows abundantly in Indie authors.

So, keep your eyes open because I may just be contacting YOU next!

Here is my interview with Jena Henry. She has become an integral part of the Readers Review Room, and she is now the editor for our newsletter. Feel free to subscribe to it by visiting and entering your name and email address. 

Please welcome Jena Henry!

(I would greatly appreciate if you guys would view these videos on my YouTube channel by clicking the YouTube button in the bottom right corner, so you can LIKE and subscribe to my channel.) 

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