Love is …









Love is … 

Breakfast in bed when it’s not your birthday.
Silence when nothing is better to say.

A gentle touch from a loving hand.
An exchange of vows with wedding bands.

A bouquet of flowers just because
of all the little things that she does.

Feeding a baby at two in the morn’
Wrapping them tight to keep safe and warm.

Shaving your head for your wife with no hair
to keep her from grieving for what’s no longer there.

Shooting the enemy for your brother in arms,
who’s just been put in the way of harm.

Giving up food so your child can eat.
Giving him up … to keep him off the street.

A father dancing with his little girl’s
tiny feet on his as they twirl.

A kiss hello, a kiss goodbye
a finger that catches the tears that I cry.

A beautiful poem. A beautiful song.
Saying “I’m sorry” though you’re not wrong.

Love can be angry. Love can be sad.
Love can be good. And it can be bad.

Love can be prideful and make you regret.
Love can forgive and help you forget.

Love can be written or spoken out loud,
in a room all alone, or amidst a crowd.

Love can be selfish when you can’t let go,
and your holding on, doesn’t let one grow.

Love can be magical, wonderful, fun.
But love can be empty, when the magic is done.

Love is a call to a friend in need.
Love is teaching a child to read.

Love is picking up trash on the ground,
or planting trees and flowers abound.

Love is derived not just from the heart–
but the mind and soul, and all other parts.

Love is what you want it to be.
It can control you, or set you free.

Love is in everything, everywhere,
when you show someone or something you care.

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