Review: Endless Possibility

Endless Possibility by Emma Scott
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As an avid reader and reviewer, I always strive to include at least one particular thing I enjoyed about a certain book in the review–perhaps a line or two, or a pivotal moment that took my breath away; but with this book, I was unable to do so. Why? Because it had so many moments that spoke to me, it would be next to impossible to pinpoint just one. So many lines of beautiful prose laced with gut-wrenching emotion tore at my heartstrings. However, here is one line from this book that sums up exactly how I feel about every single story I’ve experienced by this author:

(Do you know how that is? Where you only need to read the first few pages and you’re already thinking, “This might be a good one. One of the best ones. One of the rare finds that stays with you forever.)

This is the fourth book by Emma Scott that I have devoured, and they just keep getting better.Hers are among those I would pick up and read without even skimming the back cover text because I know I will not be disappointed. And the best part about her books? They never leave me wanting to know more or feeling unsatisfied with the ending … only craving more stories like them! Though I was perfectly content with the ending of “RUSH,” I am thankful that Ms. Scott gave us “Endless Possiblity” as just one more piece in the Noah/Charlotte puzzle we didn’t even know we needed.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a compelling, emotional read … but NOT before you read “RUSH” as this is a spin off/fill-in companion piece. You will not regret it.

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