How can I help YOU succeed?

Are you tired of begging friends and family to read your book or try your service or product, yet you’re struggling to find new clients?

Do you feel salesy or phony when trying to network online or in person?

Do you feel as if you’re online way too long without any real results?

I can show you better ways to:

  • find new clients
  • build rapport online and in person
  • present your product, service, or business opportunity in a non-salesy and personable way
  • create a stronger following online

I’m available to speak to your team or organization on the following topics: (video/phone consultations or conferences are preferred, but in-person events can be arranged as well)

  • Building an engaged following on social media
  • Using Facebook ads to find new clients or boost your posts
  • Creating compelling slogans, tag lines, and promo images for your business
  • Creating a professional online and in-person reputation
  • Unique marketing ideas, including how to build your name locally
  • Using FB groups to expand your brand
  • Tips on public speaking

Author-specific services:

  • Blurb writing
  • Creative writing and editing
  • Creating a hook for your book
  • Strategies for creating a powerful online presence
  • Strategies for finding organic reviews for your books
  • Tips on writing your bio and About Me content for your blog and social media pages
  • Tips on increasing traffic to your blog

I offer affordable consultations and customized service packages. Please contact me at to see how I can best help you in your business!


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