I just couldn’t see my niche and how I wanted to proceed.  Thank goodness Traci was there to help me find my way!  Now my only problem is…which one of her tag lines should I use since I love them all!?! Arloa Scott

In working with Traci, she was patient and relentless in assisting me with creating not only a slogan for my blog, but a refined vision for my business. She was creative and very easy to work with. Thank you Traci! Hayley Winters 

Traci was a pleasure to work with! I needed her help with my tagline even more than I knew. She was very responsive and easy to work with. We developed a tagline I love in no time! I highly recommend Traci! Sarah Sadler

Traci is incredibly creative and fun to work with! I simply told her a little about my simple living business and she crafted a whole list of slogans and branding ideas, all of which I absolutely adored. Her expertise shines as she’s helping you narrow in on your mission and how to most effectively communicate what you have to offer. Laura Noelle 

“Traci is very detail oriented and genuinely cares about your vision and goals. She patiently helped me until I had my a-ha moment! Gracious to have had her help!”Marie Miao

Traci is amazing! I have seen her helping others with ideas for their tagline and I decided to reach out to her because I needed help too. She is very creative, takes the time to make sure she understands what your purpose is and comes up with fresh ideas every time! She came up with a tagline that incorporates everything I wanted. I highly recommend working with Traci!” Annett Arkun

Working with Traci was an amazing collaborative experience! I came across Traci during the startup phase of my business. I had a slogan that was okay, but it wasn’t anything to wow…even me. Traci listened to my big picture concepts and helped me flesh out some details until she had a concrete understanding of what I wanted to portray in my tagline. As a fellow “wordy,” I thoroughly enjoyed the way she embraced my feedback during the process and was both open to suggestions and wasn’t offended if I didn’t like a direction we were headed. At the end of the process, I had a tagline that captured EXACTLY what I wanted, and I’ve received many compliments on it from seasoned professionals in my field. I would recommend working with Traci 1000 times over!! She is fantastic at what she does! Jace Daily

Traci! I can’t get over how your “off the top of your head” suggestions are brilliant! You gather main components of a brand and whip up a tag line that’s smart, strategic, and enticing! 
Can’t wait to work with you more on offers and programs within my business! Josalyne Fletcher
“I was trying to combine multiple concepts from two companies into one tag line and I could not come up with anything that felt right. Traci came up with multiple ideas (in a very short amount of time) that allowed me to express what I wanted to get across.  I am very grateful for her creativity and prompt service!  I would highly recommend that you contact her if you find yourself in need of the right words to say!”  ~Lori Alley


Traci Sanders is a wonderful editor. She is very knowledgeable about my genre and is an expert in the field of editing. It was easy to see the corrections she had made and to accept them in Word so my document was clean and professional-looking. She is wonderful to work with and clarified any questions I had about the changes she suggested. Her turnaround time was within my deadline also. I enjoyed working with her and plan on using her editing services for all my future book projects. Wanda Luthman
Traci Sanders’s skill surpasses simply understanding proper grammar, syntax, and punctuation. She applies her expertise with modern usage, literary conventions, and techniques from POV to characterization. Then she analyzes each piece’s individual style, meticulously addressing every detail, and bolsters its unique narrative voice. Discerning authors work with Traci to publish their most compelling, best possible work. I trust Traci with my writing, and you should, too. Stephen Geez
Traci Sanders has been a tremendous help to me as a writer and author. When I started looking for an editor for my last novel, I interviewed several. Traci had become a member of my Facebook group forum and we would often talk online. When I subscribed to her webpage, I started getting her daily tips on writing and was impressed with the common sense approach she had about the craft. Having become frustrated in not finding someone I felt was the right person to edit my book, I told Traci that I wished she could edit for me. She said she had been thinking of asking, but didn’t want me to feel obligated. I sent her a sample and what I received back with her edits was great. Traci didn’t try to remake this writer. She simply went over my work and made grammatical corrections, offering suggestions where she thought I could make things better for the reader. Her suggestions were wonderful. I wasn’t made to feel inept at my craft, as I’ve seen editors in critique or other groups do with writers. Instead, she made me feel that a part of her was going into my writing, and she wanted it to be the best it could be. Although she had never before edited my style of writing, deep point of view, she took the project on and did her own research to help me make my words shine. I would recommend Traci Sanders to anyone who wants their work polished. Sharon K Connell

I love Traci’s website and everything she posts. The self-help proper grammatical phrasing and spelling tips are just so insightful and help tremendously in the telling of a story by any author. She explains to us how to use words properly that have a double meaning, or ones that we spell one way when we should spell it differently. For instance, farther and further, forever my nemesis when it comes to the correct meaning, or was, until I heard her explain it in simple terms. Farther–beyond. Further–to a more advanced point.

From “how to market your book” to “how to prepare for a book signing event” and everything in between, her tips are so helpful to every author, whether he has written one book, or four. Donald Montano

Traci Sanders saved my novel. She is kind and down to earth but knows her craft backwards and forwards and will not let you make a mess of your stories. With her as my editor, my novel improved significantly and I learned a lot. I enjoyed working with her and plan to use her with my future novels. Allaina Daniels

Traci provided a second grammatical edit for Ready For Flynn, Part 1. I was pleased with the input and changes, which give the edit a polished finish. Working with the story line, she did not seek to change any of the artistic content, but concentrated on spelling, grammar and suggested small changes to enhance the sentence structure from English to American English. As I am a UK author writing in American English, I was most grateful for her input and these small suggested changes. KL Shandwick

I had the pleasure of working with Traci on my latest book, Dancing Queen, and she did an amazing job. It was a thrill to read her suggestions/editing, which made my writing flow so much much better–page by page. It was also a thrill to work with someone who is so committed and delivers on time every single time. Also, she’s kinda a master when it comes to co-writing your blurb! I can’t wait to work with her again. Charlotte Roth

Traci Sanders was just the editor I was looking for. She gave my novels the last oomph they needed to be awesome. I loved that her edits flowed with my writing style and it was very easy to just go through track changes and accept her suggestions. Traci always delivered on time and her edits were right on mark. I’m very grateful for her continued work with me on my series. Stephanie Taylor