The good and bad of marriage:










Marriage is like a road trip–there are always good and bad parts about it:


It always starts out exciting because you have no idea what to expect.


The scenery changes along the way. Sometimes it’s beautiful and intriguing, other times you feel you’ve seen the same thing too many times.


It can take you down many new roads to experience things you never thought possible.


The ride can be bumpy at times and you may even encounter road blocks that test your patience and force you to make some changes to your plan.


Road trips are always more fun with another person.


After spending a lot of time together in such a small space, people tend to get grumpy and become not-so-nice to each other. If you don’t follow the rules (of love and respect); you might get hurt or hurt someone else.


You meet new people along the way.


You have to be weary of who you allow into your car (relationship). Some people will cause temptation and distraction.


You can stop and ask for directions.


Each person you ask will give you a different version from their perspective. They don’t know what path is best for you.


You can drive at your own pace.


If you drive too fast, you might miss some awesome little things, and you run the risk of causing irreparable damage to your vehicle (your relationship). If you drive too slow, you risk falling asleep at the wheel or one/both partners getting bored.


The most important thing to remember in a marriage is that you should enjoy the ride, immerse yourself in the adventure. Love and marriage is what you make of it.

*If you reach a road block, find a better path.

*If your car breaks down, don’t go out and find a new one, leaving that one stranded all alone; repair what needs to be fixed and keep moving forward together!

*Everyone needs a little space now and then. Scoot over and let your partner breathe!

*Take turns driving. If the same person is always at the wheel, they get tired and sometimes overwhelmed. Be your partner’s refuge!

And finally, remember that one day, you may be traveling that road alone, whether by choice or by fate. Make the most of the journey. You may never get another chance to go down that road!


I Guess I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead … or Rich!

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