The Good Seat – Tristan’s poem


This poem was written for my niece (Tristan) for her funeral. She was a beautiful, vibrant young lady who could sing like an angel and had a laugh that was infectious.  She died suddenly at the age of 18 from a rapidly-developing condition called Wilson’s Disease.  From her first hospital visit to the day we buried her was less than a week.  The discovery of this disease in our precious girl rocked our entire close-knit family and we have a permanent hole in our hearts for her. But we know she is in a better place now and is singing for the highest of royalty:)


As I sit above the stars tonight

looking down on you,

I see the sadness in your eyes

and the pain you’re going through.


I want so much to reach out my arms

and tell you I’m okay;

but since that’s not allowed up here

I’ll tell in you in other ways.


Look for my smile

when you see a rainbow

stretched across the sky.


Hear my laughter

in a babbling brook

or the ocean waves rolling by.


Feel my touch

when a gentle wind

brushes through your hair.


Look for me.

Listen for me.

My presence is everywhere.


Every time the warm sunshine

shares its rays with you,

that’s me sending you a hug

and my beauty shining through.


You’ll find me hiding in the trees

and the moon and clouds above.

Each time you see a falling star

I’m sending you my love.


So do not weep

like the pouring rain

because you think I’m gone.

I’m just trying

to let you know

I made it safely home.


Poem: A Winter’s Thrill!

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  • Nonnie Jules

    Traci, I am in love with your poetry. We must collaborate one day!

    • Traci Sanders

      Thank you, Nonnie! I absolutely LOVE writing poetry!! My first published poem was one about the Gulf War when I was in the 8th grade:)

      To me, poetry is a magical dance of words and emotions.

  • Ramona

    Absolutely Beautiful Traci ,Tristian and I share the same birthday,I was there when God took a Beautiful Angel home.It was the most misunderstood shockand saddest thing to see such a young Beautiful young Lady leave this world. In such a quick manor, God has given Rebecca more strength and faith than most could bear.God Bless ou Tristian and Rebecca and Family

    • Traci Sanders

      Yes it was way too soon, Ramona. I remember you too:) And I agree, Becky has been an amazing pillar of strength through it all! Thanks for commenting:)

  • Kathleen

    First of all I’m sorry for your loss.

    Your poem is beautifully written. It sounded as if it came straight from heaven.

    • Traci Sanders

      Thank you, Kathleen, for visiting my blog and for the beautiful sentiment about my poem. I actually wrote that poem the day we buried Tristan, and read it (or tried to) at her funeral. She was like a daughter to me and her passing was so sudden and unexpected. Within three days, from first symptom to last breath of life.

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