The Team

4.0 out of 5 stars“Just another day at the office.”

The Team: Book One

 As far as engaging military thriller story lines go, this one ranks fairly high on the scale for me. Its tone and theme is reminiscent of popular films such as Black Hawk Down and Behind Enemy Lines. The plot was well laid-out with several satisfying twists and brought to fruition in the end without the need of a cliffhanger, which I personally appreciated. Though the author still left room for a potential sequel.

The characters were portrayed in a true-to-form manner that made them believable and even likable. The language in this book is quite colorful, but seemed to be appropriately placed and not overly frequent to take away from the story.

I very much enjoyed this book and could see it being made into a successful film. I look forward to future works by this author.


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  • Dianna Slowey-Thomas

    This sounds like an amazing read. I appreciate a well written, believable war story, especially since there are few out there that ring true. Usually the characters are taken too far, almost like comic book heroes. This one sounds realistic, with normal human limitations under life and death situations. I look forward to reading this book!

    • Traci Sanders

      Yes, Dianna, the characters are VERY realistic – spitting, cursing, and all LOL. It’s a great story – based on true events!

  • Karen Ingalls

    I just ordered this book for my husband. I like some was/espionage books like those by Vince Flynn, so I will read this one after hubby is done. I have several, actually many books in my ebook to be read asap.
    Thanks for letting us know about this one.

    • Traci Sanders

      Awesome, Karen! Glad I could provide some insight for this book for ya 🙂

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