Throwback Thursday – in case you missed it!

Hey, guys! 

Just wanted to give you all a heads up. This week has been a bit more eventful than I’d expected. My hubby kidnapped me for my entire birthday yesterday, to take me shopping and spend the day with me. It was great, but it somewhat threw a fork into my schedule this week. As well, my house is a construction zone right now with updates being done. All good things, but even good things can thwart your best-laid plans. 🙂

This actually worked out well because it gives me a chance to show you all that life happens. Our intentions are met with unexpected events and emergencies, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop working our business. We simply improvise by repurposing content. This is a very popular and workable strategy once you’ve built enough content. You don’t even have to offer your own content; you can share other blog posts or resources that your audience might find valuable.

With that said, I’ll be sharing a new video tip with you guys tomorrow at 3 P.M. EST here and on my A Word With Traci Sanders Facebook page. 

Until then, enjoy this recap of one of my favorite tips in this segment so far. If you missed it before, this would be a great opportunity to grab the FREE PDF resource that reveals my Top 10 Facebook Tricks.

I’ll catch you all tomorrow with 3 High-impact Activities You Can Do Daily to Grow Your Online Business, and of course I’ll have an awesome FREE resource for you as well.

10 Ways to Take Control of Your Facebook Account!

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