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Today I am going to share with you the top five online resources I have found to help authors with various aspects of their writing journey–from grammar/editing tips, to author services, and support groups!




1. Rave Reviews Book Club
I have been a member of this club for less than a year and have received incredible support. The whole premise behind their organization is to ‘Profile, Propel, and Promote’ authors. They don’t only support authors; this club is open to supporting anyone who aligns with their values–including entrepreneurs and readers. Members in this group support one another by way of:

*purchases of book(s)

*reviews of book(s)

*peer support – an interior chat group where you can ask virtually anything you want to know about RRBC, writing, publishing, editing, etc. and get answers from many different seasoned members/authors

*tweets and retweets on Twitter about book(s), businesses, and products – we have our own Tweet Support Team (I’m a proud TST member)

*Spotlight weeks for selected ‘supportive’ members, which highlights that member’s products, ideas, or book(s).

*#PUSHTUESDAY and Book-of-the-Month (a.k.a. BOM) slots

*they have a list of approved members’ blogs and websites to further promote authors/bloggers

*special VIP chat rooms for uber-supportive members – by invitation only (I am a proud VIP member) Many new membership perks have been recently added to this group. You’ll have to join and find out! I can’t say enough good things about this club! I’ve met so many wonderful people here. With over 600 members, you are sure to get the support you need with your endeavors. If you are serious about your writing career or business product, I urge you to join today! It will be the best $25 investment you’ve ever made!! *Mention Traci Sanders if you do:)


2. Books Go Social – Author’s Group– Facebook
I recently found this group on Facebook. They are similar in nature to RRBC, because they offer support to authors. However, they are mostly Facebook based, whereas RRBC is mostly Twitter based. Both do have connections with Facebook and Twitter, but each one has a more dominant presence at on or the other–which is a great combination for authors to promote their work! Here are some details about BGS:

*membership is FREE *the club has nearly 1000 members (and growing) to network with, get writing tips from, and just run things by.

*so that the FB feed doesn’t get bogged down with self-promotions, authors are designated one day per month–according to the first letter of their first name–to promote their work. It really allows everyone a fair shot.

*with such a large member base, I have met editors, graphic designers, book trailer makers, etc. You may just find the right person to help you with a publishing/designing issue.

*members purchase/review one another’s books and post them on Amazon, Goodreads, and BGS Reader’s Group on FB


3. Books Go Social – Readers Group – Facebook
This group is also Facebook based. They do tweet sometimes, but not as much as connecting on Facebook. The cool thing about this group is that it is strictly about BOOKS! Here is what you will find in this group:

*first of all, it’s also FREE to join *it is comprised of readers who talk about books they have read and recommend to like-minded members

*no author self-promotion is allowed; however, members (who happen to be authors) can post a review for another member’s book they’ve read – or they can suggest another member’s book

*readers can find their next ‘great read’ in this area and repost about it on their timeline or a friend’s timeline. They can also tweet about it or share it on other social sites.



4. Goodreads I just recently became active on this site. I was a member for the past six months but didn’t use my account that much to begin with. I wasn’t sure of the value of it. But this site is pretty cool, now that I’ve taken the time to learn more. It’s basically a book club as well–but a lot more detailed. Here are some features of this club:

*anyone can join for FREE

*authors can create a special ‘author’ account which allows them to fill in more specific information about their work

*tons of readers have memberships, so if your book is in their genre, they are likely to find it. Also, you can search for readers of your genre and ‘friend’ them.

*members (authors and non-authors), can add books to their ‘shelves’, fill in information to let other members know what they are ‘currently reading’, ‘would like to read’ and ‘have read’. They can even update their progress on a current read, which is really cool for the author of that book.

*there are specific interest groups one can join–depending on genre/preferences–to connect further with readers, favorite authors, or just like-minded individuals

*reviews can be posted and rated here just like Amazon Visit Goodreads today, and you just might find your next favorite book, author–or both!
5. Free and Cheap Images for Books and other Graphics Needs

*Pixabay – – FREE high quality images you can use ANYWHERE

*Dollar Photo Club – – $1 high quality images always

*Ipiccy.com – free image editing online program – turn your images into sketches, drawings, and more for FREE to use in children’s books/informational books, etc.

* – get logos, websites, book trailers, and more done on the fly for just $5 – you can check a seller’s ratings and get refunds if you are not satisfied with the work

So there you have 5 resources for authors that I have discovered in my writing journey. Try them out–you never know where you might find your next best book, editor, or friend!

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  • John Howell

    Great information. I am still puzzled by Goodreads. This gives me the idea to master it.

  • Bette A. Stevens

    Thanks, Traci. This is awesome! Sharing. 🙂

    • Traci Sanders

      I’m always willing to share anything to help other authors, Bette:) Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  • Shiv Harsh

    Very informative & useful, Traci! Thanks.

    • traci sanders

      Thanks for stopping by, Shiv 🙂 Glad to help!

    • Cassie

      That’s not just logic. That’s really senslbie.

  • Patricia Schudy

    The resource information is good – your comments very helpful. Thank you!

    • Traci Sanders

      Glad you found the information useful, Patricia! Thanks for stopping by:)

      • Geri

        This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrinitg!


        Alyx with a gun…… I'm going to need a bit to wrap my head around this. :-DI haven't finished the book for book club, either. But I have many hours in a car tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get it knocked out.

    • Disney

      Great initshg! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

  • Sylvia

    Thank you for taking the time to put this list together. I will head over to those Facebook groups asap. is an amazing resource. It’s mindblowing how much quality work you can find there for just $5.

    • Traci Sanders

      It’s amazing how many resources are out there for free or inexpensive costs for authors in general, Sylvia. It just takes some time to find them:) Thanks for stopping by today!

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