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When Darkness Breaks
A gripping story of love found, lost, and rediscovered in a magical way.

Jewel has met the man of her dreams … the one person with whom she’s meant to spend eternity. Harley is charming, charismatic, and although he can’t carry a tune in a bucket, he’s the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes upon—especially in his U.S. Air Force uniform.

Just days after the couple returns from their honeymoon, Harley is called to active duty in the Middle East. Jewel is heartbroken but determined to adapt to her new life as a military spouse and support her husband. Her plan is short-lived when Harley is killed in action just days after his deployment.

Unable to cope, Jewel withdraws from her family, friends, and the world around her, until Harley visits her with a message from the beyond.

Will Jewel surrender to the dark side to be with her true love, or will she discover that sometimes people are put in our paths for reasons beyond our understanding?

Unsevered tells the beautiful love story of Jewel and Harley. I was hooked the moment I began reading. Traci Sanders takes you along for the ups and downs of Jewel’s life. From her pure and simple joy of a perfect love, to the heartbreaking agony of loss, to the dawn of a new chapter in her life, we are shown Jewel’s dedication to Harley and her ability to survive crippling sadness.
Throughout this story of a love that never dies, one that is unsevered even in death, Jewel learns what her destiny is and it helps her to move on. Do not miss this terrific read! It shows that in spite of shattering grief, and utter despair life needs to continue on, so we each fulfill our purpose for being here–our destiny.
This book is an easy read; it flows fluidly. While it is a “paranormal” romance it is completely believable. Having read Sanders first book I must say her writing has developed into best seller quality. I look forward to reading more from this up and coming author and highly recommend her books.