What inspires me to write!

I have been inspired by many things and many people in my writing. Being a family child care provider for more than a decade has given me an abundance of inspiration for my children’s books as well as my parenting guides. Often, my poetry is inspired by personal emotions or reactions to personal life experiences, but sometimes I simply write poems about things I find intriguing or beautiful in the world.

I am often asked what inspired me to write my first adult fiction. My only answer to that is, it was a mixture of some personal experiences along with what I have observed other people who are very close to me go through in their own relationships. The blurb for this book came to me when I least expected it and it became a story that I had to write. It simply wouldn’t leave my head. I realize the book is short, but the way I feel about my writing in particular is, I don’t care if it amounts to 32 pages (for my children’s books), or is thick enough to be qualified as a novel by industry standards  (for my adult books). I simply aim to write well and tell a good story. It usually ends up being a story that I would want to read, so I put it out there in hopes that it will entertain or help someone in some small way on this big planet. If it does that, then I have been successful as an author!


The Soundtracks to Our Stories!

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