“A compelling story about falling victim to our own darkness, soul searching, and overcoming that darkness.” KK Allen

Local news anchor, Amber Woods, seemed to have it all – a thriving career, two beautiful children, and a doting husband named Drake.

Life was perfect…until her world was turned upside down in one fateful night. While the incident caused Amber to renew her priorities; Drake was unable to deal with what happened, and sank into a deep depression laced with infidelity and alcohol. Hoping a change of scenery would salvage her quickly deteriorating marriage, Amber agreed to move to New York; but it didn’t take long for her to discover that the past is not always left in the past.

Can Amber save her marriage without losing herself along the way? What will she do when darkness breaks her will to keep trying?

This is a compelling read, despite the story being centered around personal and marital struggles. The characters pull you in to their tale and you find yourself cheering for them to handle the obstacles they face. A horrible tragedy impacts their lives and leaves them emotionally distant and unable to cope. This novel covers their once happy marriage, the trials that pulled it apart, and where they’re left in the end.
When Darkness Breaks* by Traci Sanders deals with two topics everybody is familiar with, *overcoming tragedy* and *overcoming unexpected success*. This charming book conveys hope and makes readers think. Lie is about decisions. Which one is it going to be?
It is not too often that a story can draw me in and keep my attention like this one. I have 4 young children at home and am always distracted by their needs, but when I picked up ‘When Darkness Breaks’, I could not put it down! It was very engaging, and I felt like I almost knew the characters personally because everything was so well described.