You might be an author if…

You’ve ever written stories that are so bad, you’d NEVER show them to anyone … but you can’t throw them away because they’re still your babies.


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  • Karen Ingalls

    Just went through a file of many such writings…thought I’d toss them, but just put them all back!

    • Traci Sanders

      Lol, Karen. Our stories really can feel like our babies. No matter how much they embarrass us or piss us off, we just can’t get rid of them 🙂 Thanks for contributing!

  • Kim Cox

    I have some old ones I can’t find. And that’s upsetting to me.

    • Traci Sanders

      Yeah, me too, Kim. I had some poems I wrote in middle and high school that were published and I can’t find them, nor my parents 🙁 I’d love to share them with my kids. I remember some of the lines, but not all.

  • John W. Howell

    I have a 100,000 word manuscript holding the laundry room door open. At least it is useful for something.

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