You might be an author if…

Deciding on a title (or blurb) for your book takes almost as long as writing it!


I personally have to decide the title before I dive too deep into writing the story. It’s my guide for the book, but some authors don’t decide the title until the story is written.

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  • Kim Cox

    I usually have a title before I start writing, but it may change. I think my first book changed titles 3 times before it was published, but then again I worked on it for about 5 years. All of my other books have kept their working titles. I almost changed the title of Haunted Hearts to Restless Spirits but didn’t, plus someone I knew wanted that title, so I let her have it. I think she ended up going with a different title though because the publisher already had a book with that title for sale.

  • Traci Sanders

    Titles are a tricky thing, aren’t they, Kim? I can’t imagine your book being called anything other than ‘Haunted Hearts’ now 🙂

    ‘When Darkness Breaks’ was originally going to be ‘Losing Jake’. Can you believe that? LOL Thank God my sisters talked me out of it 🙂

  • John W. Howell

    I write the last three lines of a book first before I start and then usually come to the title from there

    • Traci Sanders

      Wow, that’s definitely a unique approach, John. I’m way too OCD for that 🙂 And impatient! Have a great weekend!

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