Walk A Mile


Written by (my sister): Jennifer McDaniel © 2012

“Walk a mile in my shoes” you say!

You’ve had such a horrible day

You lost your keys and the car wouldn’t start

So you had to call in late.

And on the way your cell phone died

You lost another call

You wish you could just toss that thing

Can’t even hear the calls at all.

And each time you pass that certain light

A man is there collecting change

You cross your fingers hoping

He won’t see you pass today.

Did you ever stop to notice him

Or the scars upon his face?

Or the wheels upon his chair

That gets him from place to place.

And that call you say you never hear

He only wishes to receive

To hear the sound of children’s laughter

Or their little running feet.

And if only he could walk a mile

He’d have a smile upon his face

Maybe he crosses his fingers in hope

That someone speaks to him today.

He has no one to speak to

Or hold him when he cries

No food to eat, no place to sleep

His blanket is the sky.

So “walk a mile in my shoes” you say?

I’m sure he’d take them any day!

Poem: Heaven’s Shore

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